"They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy"

Jonah 2:8



God doesn’t want us to have to make excuses for all the things we do wrong and cause ourselves to move into a place of denial.

We can excuse behaviors based on our ethnicity like, “Well that’s my Latino temper..” Or we excuse ourselves with, “I didn’t get enough sleep,” or “I haven’t had enough coffee yet..”  And we shift the responsibility of an action taken.

A lying vanity is when you excuse something to benefit yourself, or make yourself feel okay.  

God says that when we do that we may pass the people test, but we don’t pass His test.  

God doesn’t want us to deny these things when He shed His blood on Calvary to cover everything that we’ve ever done or will do.  

God wants you to know that He’s got you covered!

He loves when you can come to Him and say, “I know I shouldn’t have thought that. I know it was wrong, Lord forgive me..”  

That’s part of walking in the spirit!  

Every time you draw from the blood at Calvary, every time you draw from the forgiveness that flows from Jesus’ heart to you, it makes everything Jesus suffered for worth it

There is no need for excuses.  No need to feel bad or be ashamed.  

God knew when He saved you that you weren’t perfect, and He knew that you and I would be making mistakes all the way through this journey.  

Should we be talking better and thinking better?  Yes, but still in your state of imperfection, don’t excuse everything.  Continually call on Lord and ask Him to wash you.  

It will cause you to be closer to Him and it will put you in perspective with the real you. It will give you a freedom you’ve never known!