“And behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” 

Matthew 3:17 KJV


There is nothing greater than to know you are pleasing the Master. So many people live to please ourselves; it’s all about us.

Or we live our lives to please other people.  We end up empty and frustrated.  Even though you’re pleasing yourself or pleasing others doesn’t always mean you’re pleasing the Lord. 

There is a time when each of us needs to step back and say, “Why am I here? Who am I here to please? Who really matters the most?” 

When you can answer those questions for yourself then you can really begin to understand this scripture. You want to be a God-pleaser. 

You can’t please people, at least not all the time.  You can’t even please the people around you that love you the most all the time.  We can try but end up with disappointment and heartache. 

The one person that we can strive to please is Jesus Christ!

How do we do that? Simply let Him be more included in your life at a higher level

Include Him in all of your decisions – your money, your relationships, everything you’re deciding to do like where you’re headed and what your dreams are.

Come before the Lord and include Him.  Ask the Holy Spirit what He thinks. That pleases Him!  Do you know why?  It reveals your openness for God to say “yes”, “no”, or “not now”.

It gives God the power to navigate you, because you’ve surrendered to Him. 

God wants to know that you believe He has a better way than you do. You want to please Him more?  

Let Him in more at a higher level!  Then God will let you know you’re pleasing Him just like He let Jesus know.